The DC Destruction Continues: Will We Take a Stand?

While missiles, bombs, and nukes are being deployed or threatened around the world—a massive explosion of our own national debt and economy is about to detonate right here at home.

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OPINION – Like a slow-motion train wreck, the people of this nation are forced to watch the destruction of our economy, finances, safety, health, and overall well-being. The carnage is on a collision course of epic proportions.

As mentioned in a piece that I wrote last week, the Biden Regime has aggressively and relentlessly taken actions that consistently go against the best interests of the American people since Installation Day on January 20, 2020.

In many ways, their approach could be portrayed as the “America Last” program.

But, it goes beyond that. We are witnessing purposeful destruction.

To make matters worse, with President Trump (and the small contingent of staff members that were truly aligned with him) now gone—We the People have virtually no one in DC that has our backs. Even for the few that do speak up for us, they pack as much power as a Nancy Pelosi backhand hitting into an 87-mph headwind.

We watch helplessly as our elected officials fail us over and over again. We watch helplessly as they engage in political theatre knowing full-well that whatever they do will likely be to our detriment. We watch helplessly as they approve mega-spending bills, throwing around trillions of dollars here, there, and everywhere while inflation rages and markets plummet.

Congress just funded $14 billion to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine without flinching, yet refused to allocate even a fraction of that over four years to slow down the mass invasion across our own southern border. They also turned a blind eye when Marxist organizations took a break from social distancing to burn down U.S. cities and loot businesses.

A few days ago, the U.S. Senate GOP-wing of the UniParty, led by Swamp-fixtures Mitch, Mitt, and Lindsey (no surnames are needed as their reputations precede them) submitted a letter to Biden urging him to send a fleet of fighter jets to Ukraine to war against Russia. Of course, they do this knowing that it could very well trigger World War III, while they hide behind “The Great Wall of DC.”

These virtue-signaling warmongers are more than willing to risk the lives and limbs of our sons and daughters to fight battles that are not our own—and endanger the entire “planet” with possibly catastrophic consequences.

It would appear that the government of Ukraine is a lot like our own government. It does not represent the will or character of its people. As stated last week, the Ukrainian people are victims. As are the Russian people. As are the American people. I will continue to pray for all, but escalating and directly entering the conflict seems to align with corruption and likely victimize the people more.

While the Senators send letters and spew rhetoric, the mainstream media plays their assigned part by releasing non-stop propaganda to deceive and tug on the heartstrings of the population to gin up support for the Swamp’s desire for war.

And, yes, this is the same mainstream media that has reportedly taken in huge payments from the Biden Regime to promote the Covid injections and stifle any information challenging their efficacy and safety. Former Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson recently wrote an enlightening article exposing this scheme. But I digress.

Back in the Swamp, these GOP Senators, and the rest of their Swamp-mates, also fully understand that war unleashes a tsunami of U.S. funds flowing around the world for years to come. The flow is so massive, and the misdirection is often so great, that no one seems able to really keep track of how much goes where—or what it is really used for.

Our nation is already quickly speeding towards hyperinflation and the outer limits of a massive debt bubble, the likes of which we have never previously seen. While missiles, bombs, and nukes are being deployed or threatened around the world—a massive explosion of our own national debt and economy is about to detonate right here at home.

Each week, new data emerges that highlights the rapidly accelerating inflation in the United States. Of course, this information only reinforces what our eyes and pocketbooks have already informed us as we look to buy food, gas, clothing, computers, cars, homes, etc., etc., etc.

Consistently, and on cue, the regime and the mainstream media began flooding the airways with a coordinated false narrative that Putin is to blame for this runaway inflation.

Not shutting down our energy production and independence. Not the mandated shutdowns. Not the foolish America-last trade agreements. Not the disruption to the supply chain caused by vaccine mandates.

And not the skyrocketing, out-of-control, and wasteful government spending.

But Putin. Over the past two weeks.

“False narrative” is a softer way of saying, “lie.” Biden’s minute base of supporters might buy it—but we do not.

The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

Our choice is to continue to watch the train wreck unfold until untold innocent people are killed, our finances are stolen, and our republic is wholly destroyed—or rally together to take a courageous stand to preserve our faith, freedom, liberty, and well-being.

The midnight hour is approaching, and the challenge is daunting, but “For with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37 NKJV)

Kim Walker Smith penned and released a song just prior to the 2020 “most secure election in history.” It is a rallying cry to all of us. It is indeed worth the fight.


Worth the Fight

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Worth The Fight · Kim Walker-Smith

Worth The Fight

℗ 2020 Kim Walker Smith

Released on: 2020-10-01

Producer: Jeremy Edwardson

Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Drew Lavyne

Composer Lyricist: Kim Walker-Smith

Composer Lyricist: Mia Fieldes

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