The Dam Is Breaking

In this season, I believe many will experience the dam that has been holding them back begin to break.

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Recently at one of our services at ROAR, we stepped into a unique prophetic follow during worship. The Lord then gave me a vision. The vision was of a huge reservoir of water being held back by a dam. I could see lots of cracks in the wall of the dam and could tell that the dam was beginning to break open. I knew that when the dam finally broke that the water was about to come rushing out. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “The dam is breaking.” As we prayed for a couple and several others in the altar time the Lord told me to give that same word to them as a prophetic declaration.

In this season, I believe many will experience the dam that has been holding them back begin to break. The waters in this dam can symbolize so much. It could represent God’s blessing and favor. It could be the breakthrough you’ve been praying for. It could be your prodigals coming home. It could be God’s provision or promises He has given you coming forth. Whatever it is, know that the dam is about to break!

It is so important in this season that you do not walk away from the promises God has given to you. Keep stewarding those promises through prayer and leaning in to hear what the Lord is saying over you. This is not a season to grow weary or become discouraged. Your breakthrough is coming! Don’t give in prematurely and miss your breakthrough moment. Keep standing in faith because the dam is about to break open!

Like walls that contain the water in a dam, fear, insecurity, complacency, and wrong mindsets will hinder you from operating fully in your walk with God. As you pursue your destiny, you may have encountered many hindrances and roadblocks. However, for many, the dam is about to break and the blessings and favor of God will overtake you in this season. This is why you must get to higher ground in your mind so that you will not be swept away when the dam breaks open! Are you ready for the dam to break in your life?

In past seasons you have only tapped into a small stream of the fullness of God. If you could see how big what Heaven has for you truly is then you would believe for so much more. I believe an overflow is going to hit many believers in this season as the dam begins to break. As we tap into all that God has for us, we will each overflow with God’s favor and blessing. We will see the Kingdom of God advance in and through our lives as this dam breaks and the waters are released.

I believe many will experience an overflow and flood of God’s Spirit spill out like never before in this season. Get ready for the dam to break in your life and for the raw power of God to flood you! God is looking for those that are properly positioned in this time to flow through. The dam is breaking and the Kingdom of God is going to break forth in your life in a powerful way!



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