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In this season, lean into the curve. Embrace the resistance and you will find yourself accelerating instead of slowing down.

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Just recently in a time of prayer, the Lord spoke to me two words, “The curve.” As I continued to pray, I felt the Lord repeat those same two words to me again, “The curve.” I immediately thought of the movie “Cars”. In the movie, the main character is a racecar. In one particular scene, the racecar’s mentor teaches him how to use the curves of the track to his advantage. He tells him that if he will lean into the curves, he will actually finish faster and win more races. As I continued to pray, the Lord also reminded me of several of the track coaches I had in high school. They would always say to the runners, “You win the races in the curve.” This taught us to lean into the curves of the track so we would not lose momentum. My coaches would always tell us that if we would lean into the curve, we could easily pass someone who was actually faster because we worked with the curve not against it.

A curve is not the same as a straightaway. A curve in any instance is something that gradually deviates from the straight course. It is easy to move forward and advance when the path is clear and the road ahead is a straight shot. However, on the journey to our destiny with God, we will all encounter curves. There will be bends in the road of our purpose that are meant to slow us down or cause us to fear. However, I believe the word of the Lord for this season is to lean into the curve. We will each grow the most in the trials and testing seasons more than in the mountaintop seasons. When we are thrown a curve in the spirit if we will lean into the Lord and embrace the curve we will actually accelerate into our purpose and not lose any ground!

The nations of the world in this hour are in a curve. Many things are in flux. Shifts and changes are happening rapidly. Yes, the enemy is at work but God is also at work behind the scenes more than we can ever imagine. In the past several years there have been many who have gone bankrupt but others have become millionaires and stepped into prosperity. There have been many who have fallen from elevated places and others that have been elevated. There have been churches and ministries that have opened their doors for the first time and many that have shut their doors.

In seasons of sudden shifts and change, seasons of a curve, it is more important than ever to lean into the voice of the Lord and follow the leading of His Spirit. If you will lean in to hear what the Lord is saying you will always find yourself right in the middle of what God is doing. Never forget that the enemy never goes to war where there are no spoils. If the enemy is throwing opposition and resistance at you, you are on the right track!

In this season, lean into the curve. Embrace the resistance and you will find yourself accelerating instead of slowing down. Do not fear the uncertainty and do not let the enemy delay you. You have a race to run and great exploits to do for God. The Lord is looking for those who will use the resistance of the season as fuel for their fire. You will thrive in any situation or season as long as you are willing to lean into the curve and listen to the Lord. Stay in there, keep running, hang onto your prophetic promises and embrace the curve. Now is the time to accelerate and gain ground for the Kingdom of God!


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