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Too many are living in the moment and not according to My Word. America was designed to live as an indivisible nation under God, not apart from Me.

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At approximately 8:32 a.m. one morning, I awoke and immediately heard, “One Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” This is the final statement included in the current United States of America pledge of allegiance. I remember from studying history, this current version was updated in 1954 which added “under God” from a 1924 version that did not include those words. After hearing this, I then asked, “Lord, why was I hearing this portion of our pledge of allegiance in my spirit?” The Lord replied and said the following words:

This is what is under attack right now in America. This portion. A nation that is not in allegiance is divided. A nation that is not under one God is divided, which leads to no liberty and no justice for all, only a few. The core of America, the foundation of America is under attack by a foe so hateful this is his only focus at the moment: Divide America! Many do not see how my Prophets have been announcing this season would come.

“Too many are living in the moment and not according to My Word. America was designed to live as an indivisible nation under God, not apart from Me. This nation is a sheep nation which requires that she return to Me completely. How else will she survive? This nation has many more hurdles to cross in the near future. With prayer and fasting this nation will turn around and begin to be united.

“America has become a slothful nation with obesity as its norm. Fasting will enable me to move in and reveal the depth of truth that has been lost for centuries. Do not listen to the voice of The Divider! There are many whose voices have been taken over by The Serpent. The objective is to divide and conquer. I will not allow that to happen but My children must humble themselves and pray! I am coming soon and this Nation is not ready. I have positioned many on the Watchtower of Grace for America. They’re watching and they’re announcing but few are listening.

“LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE HERALD! The King is coming. The King is coming. Prepare your households and I shall prepare My house. Order and decency are returning to the House of God. Watch and see, there will be a sweeping and swiftness to My cleansing. Prepare America, for when I arrive to judge My house there will be no more time to correct what you can do now. I have called America forward to be examined. Now return to this statement: One Nation Under God Indivisible with Justice and Liberty for All.”


Written by Ciara Leilani



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