The Compression of God

A false personal lordship, one that allows us to determine truth apart from God’s Word is our greatest threat.

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Yesterday, I felt a tremendous pressure taking place. It was an unusual form of spiritual compression. The day looked the same. Life went on as normal, but in the spiritual realm, a compression had started. It was not dark or sinister. The compression was simply uncomfortable. God was the one doing the compressing.

I asked the Lord to help me understand what was taking place. He said He was pressing together a fragmented Church. In the image, I saw many components lying atop a table. The Lord had stretched out His hands to the edges of the table and was beginning to bring together His hands in an attempt to move all the separated parts back into the center.  It was not an act of confinement, but one of definition.

Maybe it’s our ability to have instant access to information and the opinions of others through the immediacy of online platforms, but never before have I seen the Church so fragmented – fragmented over what has been accepted as truth for the last 2,000 years. Many have departed from the authority of Scripture and embraced the doctrines of demons having their ears tickled by well-prepared error. I am not speaking of a healthy difference of opinion, but a departure from eternal truth.

The greatest threat to the Church does not come from cultural challenges, virus restrictions, or governments that play games with human freedom. A false personal lordship, one that allows us to determine truth apart from God’s Word is our greatest threat. We have become our worst enemy.  Many have allowed dark spirits to cause them to think they can best determine what is right and wrong, what is truth and error on their own.

The love of God is causing this compression. It is not a violation of our will. We will still have to choose truth over error, fact over assumption, and revelation over fantasy. The Lord wants to bring us back to the center of His truth, compressing us back into a place of simple trust if we are willing to return Lordship to Him and His Word.



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