The Command Went Out the First Time You Prayed

Regardless of the fur that flies, My plan has already been implemented and heaven has already moved.

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This past Sunday during corporate worship, the Lord reminded me of how powerful we truly are. Listening to the passionate praises of the people, the Lord let me know… He heard us the first time…


As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed.” (Daniel 9:23 NIV)


Remember the power of your declaration and the proclamation of My Word. From the very first time you cried out to me on behalf of this nation, I HEARD YOU. From the very first time you came together in unity of heart and interceded for the governments of men, I HEARD YOU. From the very first time you raised your voice in faith asking for justice, I HEARD YOU.

My Word is final, My blood is complete, and My victory absolute. My ear is not closed and My arm is not short. I do not need, nor ask, for greater numbers to pray or bigger crowds to gather. I do not require louder voices or more passionate pleas. All I have asked is that you BELIEVE!

It is your FAITH that I respond to and it is your TRUST IN ME that moves My heart. I LOVE answering your prayers and I DELIGHT in manifesting My goodness. The reason for the seeming delay in your answers is not because I am hard of hearing. It is not because I am still fighting or struggling to overcome.


The chaos you see and the turmoil you feel are because the enemies of the cross keep screaming from the sidelines as they are headed to the pit. It is the demons who have lost that are vying for your attention and distracting your gaze. The deliverance you have sought is already underway and the hordes of hell have been forced into submission. Do not let their expulsion divert your direction or their temper tantrums sidetrack your purpose.

Be assured that I’ve been overcoming this darkness far longer than you know. Before you uttered your first prayer, I knew what was coming. Before you even understood the battle, I already arranged for the victory.

So, do not be anxious in the natural or worry about the process. My Kingdom is larger, My strategies are deeper, and My planning far greater than any foe can imagine. Remember what I’ve promised and stand on what is true. Regardless of the fur that flies, My plan has already been implemented and heaven has already moved.

So, if another voice comes to question My ability, challenge my authority, or reject My methods of warfare – just remember – THE COMMAND WENT OUT THE FIRST TIME YOU PRAYED.


In my latest video below, I share more on this word in addition to an admonition from the Lord to LOVE WELL in the midst of criticism and backlash in our stand for breakthrough…

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