The Coming Marketplace Prophets

These strategically placed prophets in the marketplace will deliver the answers, interpretations, and strategies to bring these desires into reality.

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I was reading in Daniel, chapter two on June 28th, and the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m going to send prophets into the marketplace.” Then, He immediately gave me a download into what He was saying.

Up until this point, since the outpouring of the Spirit at the turn of the last century, the prophetic ministry, in its different forms and fashions, has been operating primarily within the Church. They’ve been speaking to the Church or from the Church, but the Lord is about to make a shift. He’s equipping and sending prophets into the marketplace. They, in turn, will speak to the marketplace from the marketplace.

These prophets will identify opportunities and solutions by the insight of the Spirit. Their eyes will be opened to niche markets that need to be filled. They’ll have upward mobility in larger corporations and institutions because of prophetic words that’ll be offered as solutions to current and diverse problems their unique business is facing.

The Lord is filling leaders with desires right now that can only be unlocked by God’s prophets in the marketplace. They will bring the answers and solutions of heaven to earth. They’ll gain the ear of influential CEOs, owners, investors, and venture capitalists. They, like Daniel and his friends, will be ten times better than everyone else (Dan. 1:20).

These prophets are being sent into large and small businesses. They’re being strategically placed in large corporations and foundations. Many will be aware of their prophetic call going into their career, but even more will be called as prophets after they’ve been working in their initial positions. Many will be entrepreneurs that will start small businesses that will have unusual success.

Even now, I hear the Lord saying that He is “moving prophets to the downtown revitalization movement across America.” These downtown prophets will speak prophetically to their customers while, at the same time, experiencing unusual success through the combination of prophetic and artistic expressions.

Just like the Lord gave dreams to Pharaoh in Joseph’s time and to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel’s time, the Lord is giving dreams, visions, and deep desires to movers and shakers in the business world. They’ll be frustrated because the normal channels that used to bring their vision into reality will be stifled by the Lord. The Lord is doing this so the answers can come from God’s people. These answers will be outside the box and prophetic in nature. They will exemplify the wisdom of heaven. These strategically placed prophets in the marketplace will deliver the answers, interpretations, and strategies to bring these desires into reality. These are initiatives established by God for the betterment of humanity.

He is using people of means, influence, and power to bring these realities into the earth, but He’s connecting these leaders with prophets. The Lord is doing this first out of love for these leaders so their hearts will be turned toward Him but, secondly, for the benefit of the Kingdom. The Lord is looking to give these prophets influence, position, and income, and they will steward each of these wisely. The unique wisdom that these prophets give to societal influencers, coupled with the ability to produce solutions and systems for the people of great influence, will provide an elevator of supernatural success.

I have heard for years that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous and there is a transfer of wealth that’s coming to the body of Christ (Prov. 13:22). The coming transfer will come through prophetic solutions, ideas, and intellectual contributions that will benefit humanity at large. The wisdom of heaven will be used to serve the world.

These prophets will also equip other prophets in the marketplace. They’ll be true New Testament equipping prophets (Eph. 4:11). They’ll impart the gift of prophecy and expressions of that gift that will be customized for the marketplace. They’ll also train their disciples in how to use their gifts with skill, precision, and nuance. They will craft and express the word in a way that it will be received. The business world will be a great multiplier for the prophetic ministry in the seasons to come.

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    I found this article. I am literally stepping into this now as a prophet to the marketplace.

    Thank you!