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The Lord is desiring to bring great things to your times of fellowship with each other.

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This Post is From 5 Years Ago, but I felt like it was Going To Speak To Many of Us Now:


Had an interesting impression this morning I’m going to share with you. I believe this is for a specific group of people, but only you will know if it’s for you or not. 

So in this vision or impression, I saw a huge party going on the inside of a house which (I can only assume it) was like a Christmas party or something like that, and everyone was talking and visiting and having great fellowship while on the outside of the house I saw a Man coming to the door loaded down heavily with Gifts which were all wrapped in individual packages. 

Some of the packages were small, some large, but each package was wrapped in different colored paper and some were very ornately done while others looked very plainly wrapped. 

As He approached and knocked on the door, there was so much noise from the party that no one could hear Him knocking. The Man appeared saddened and even grieved by the fact that He had all these gifts for all of these people inside of the house, but NO ONE WOULD HEAR HIM KNOCKING AND LET HIM IN.

Well if you haven’t already guessed it, the Party going on is the church. Many inside the 4 walls are having fellowship with one another, but also are completely oblivious TO THE PRESENCE OF THE ONE WITH ALL THE GIFTS ATTEMPTING TO GET IN, but because of the noise from the party, they couldn’t hear Him knocking. 


The Lord is desiring to bring great things to your times of fellowship with each other, but we have to be listening for His Knock at the door. The Holy Spirit really is the “Life of the Party” and each Gift that He brings is going to be specifically tailored by Him perfectly for your life!

While the Holy Spirit is not Santa Claus, when He brings you gifts from Him, those gifts will be the ones that He will use you to impart to others and not to keep for yourself. However, in the operation of those giftings, there will be a manifestation of incredible personal fulfillment while they are being given.

The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman and even while He lives in us He also wants to come upon us and use those gifts powerfully through our lives and all He’s waiting for is for you and me to hear Him Knocking and to open the door and let Him in so He can impart what has for you. 

He is carrying what you have been looking for, I can promise you that, even those very things that you have been requesting God for, HE’S CARRYING Them! 


I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and will eat with him and he will eat with me”. Rev 3:20.


Time for fellowship with Him folks and not Just Each Other!



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