The Cavalry Isn’t Coming

As the Church, we need to wake up and change the channel.

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In the desperate moments of life, only those who have placed their trust in God will experience peace and rest. We are running out of time. No longer should a follower of Jesus allow their hope to be placed in the results of yet another election, a change in government, or another demographically researched list of promises we are told will save the day. This is a critical time. We need to shift our focus back to where it belongs. The cavalry of earthly false hopes is not coming to the rescue.

When I was a kid back in the 1950s, Westerns were a Saturday morning staple on our black-and-white TV. We watched reruns of old cowboy movies from the 1940s. Those old movies were captivating to a kid’s mind, but they weren’t real.

A climactic moment in those old movies typically occurred when the good guys were outnumbered, surrounded, out of luck, and about to be killed. In that desperate moment, the cavalry would arrive to save the day. That works in old movies and even modern films, but it’s not real.

A few days ago, I heard the Spirit say, “The cavalry isn’t coming!” As I pondered what was said, I realized many have placed their hope in the salvation of change offered by natural rescuers, not in the Lord. Only the Lord is coming to our rescue, and with Him, He will arrive with a host of His angels to defeat the unseen forces manipulating the affairs of our world, all in response to our prayers and petitions. 

I’m not talking about the Second Coming of Jesus. While that event will take place someday and be glorious, what the Lord was referring to is the current developing global crisis. This is a crisis that is being influenced by spiritual forces not seen by what is being fed to us as reality by corporate news organizations or ignored by too many pulpits in America who have been groomed into silence.

The Lord’s arrival will not work off the script of a corny movie plotline like an old Western. It will be an undeniable appearance by Jesus, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. We will not mistake His miraculous intervention. His arrival will become clear to those who waited in faith, placing their hope solely in the faithfulness of God and nothing else. These are the ones who did not allow themselves to become blinded by the false hopes offered by the next rising star in the world of politics or another list of promises doomed to fail – promises offered in an attempt to preoccupy our minds while the enemy surrounds us as prey free to initiate a final, fatal attack without interruption. 

As the Church, we need to wake up and change the channel. We are watching for the wrong things. We should do all we can to transform our world, but in the end, only an intervention from Heaven on Earth will ultimately come to our rescue. That hope has the power to offer us supernatural peace and rest when we feel surrounded by lies and increasing deception, and by all natural estimations, we appear to be goners. It is in those desperate moments that God performs His most astounding rescues.


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