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These babies have been forged in the fire, and they were dripping with the anointing of Heaven!

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There is a call to the Birthing Room in this season, and I hear the father say, “Welcome, it’s time to deliver.” The Father told me this Birthing Room is for the ‘Heavy Hitters’! Those who have been hit hard over and over again, feeling as if they could not catch their breath. However, He said those same ones that have been hit hard are the ones carrying my heavy and weighty anointing. It’s not time to give up. It’s time to give birth!
Many of you are at different stages in your birthing process. Some just need to shift positions to get a new vision, in order to deliver. Others have babies that are stuck, and there is a need for realignment in order to release them. Several have been in labor for a very long time, leaving them weary and exhausted. Many of you have felt there has been a delay or even an aborting of your spiritual babies, which has created great disappointment, doubt, depression, and discouragement. The enemy is a liar, and what He attempted to abort in you will be delivered! He is being exposed and disarmed today in the name of Jesus!
There has been an agenda in the spirit realm to release a thick cloud of disillusionment, deception, oppression, and confusion. The enemy has been working overtime, making many feel completely displaced and as if they did not know what end was up. However, The Father is balancing the scales, steadying His children, and standing you firm on your feet once again! I see people walking out of the fog and quickly gaining ground again. It is not over yet; it is just the beginning! Are you ready to meet your babies!? Are you ready to see what they look like? Jesus is all over them!
The Father said, “I’m going to double it. Double for your trouble.” He will not leave anything untouched in this season. You get to have all of it! This season will be marked with peace, ease, and joy! “Just like a woman giving birth experiences intense labor pains in delivering her baby, yet after the child is born, she quickly forgets what she went through because of the overwhelming joy of knowing that a new baby has been born into the world.” (JOHN 16:21)
The babies I saw birthed came out ‘swinging’! These babies have been forged in the fire, and they were dripping with the anointing of Heaven! These babies being birthed have strength, determination, and authority written all over them. What you thought would kill you is now a weapon of mass destruction against the enemy’s camp. You are stronger and more rooted in Christ than you realized. These babies have been baptized in the fire, love, and honey of Heaven. The anointing they carry will release healing, transformation, and the love of Christ, which will wreck anyone who is touched by it.
Your tears and pain will not be wasted. Your perspective of the fire will shift, and you will soon discover the fire is the birthplace to upgrades and promotion. The fire did not consume you; it shaped you. In fact, it marked you! You will not smell like smoke. You have been bathed in the incense of Heaven! Expansion is here! It’s time to celebrate! “Swing wide the city gates—the righteous gates! I’ll walk right through and thank God! This Temple Gate belongs to God, so the victors can enter and praise. Thank you for responding to me; you’ve truly become my salvation! The stone the masons discarded as flawed is now the capstone! This is God’s work. We rub our eyes—we can hardly believe it! This is the very day God acted—let’s celebrate and be festive!” (Psalm 118:19-24)
The Father gave me a personal assignment to create birthing rooms this season. These birthing rooms are for those to come and deliver their babies. He instructed me to create a safe and intimate space and to act as a midwife in the spirit. He called me to lead those who enter through four stages of labor and delivery. I recently hosted my first Birthing Room, and it was marked with breakthrough! Anyone that has ever been in a birthing room knows it’s messy. It’s typically marked with blood, sweat, and tears. It takes work to push through and birth new life. However, Jesus always does the heavy lifting.
STAGE 1 – ACTIVATION BREAK OFF AND BREAK OUT. In order to deliver, you must come out of agreement and take authority over the negative mindsets you have partnered with due to the heaviness of this past season. Doubt, discouragement, depression, disappointment, and anything else that has not served you well must GO now in the name of Jesus! You must draw a line in the sand in order to cross over!
STAGE 2 – FORGIVENESS. It’s time to choose to forgive ourselves, God, and those who have wronged you! I saw a noose on necks, and they were attached to those you have not forgiven. The further people tried to move forward, the tighter the rope became until it was taking the breath and life out of people. It’s time to cut the rope through forgiveness to set yourself free and those that have wounded you. You can’t move forward carrying that kind of weight!
STAGE 3 – REMOVING THE BLOCKS TO THE BIRTHING. Shame, Fear, Distraction, Critical Spirits, and Orphan Identities must be uprooted! It’s not time to sweep things under the rug or go around the same mountains. It’s time to confront the giants and slay them. It’s time to feel to heal, which means getting real!
STAGE 4 – IT’S TIME TO PUSH! In faith and expectation, it’s time to partner with the promises God has given us. Some of you need to give yourself permission to take a risk and step out. Some of you are waiting for these babies to birth themselves, and God is saying, “PUSH”! Some of you need to know God trusts you, and He has given you freedom to go forth, build, implement, and release. There is a grace to let go of the fear of being wrong and a supernatural strength to fearlessly fly forward.
Friends, do the healing work with Jesus! You can’t force labor and delivery! Preparation and timing are key.
I prophesy your water is about to break, and you will birth and deliver every baby God has intended in this season! Welcome to the Birthing Room! There are babies everywhere, and they are coming fast, and they are coming in multiples. Remember, He leaves nothing untouched!
“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now. Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.” (AMOS 9:13)

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