The Birth of Hope

New life and hope alive will arrive at your doorpost! 

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My husband and I both had a similar dream on Labor Day. I dreamt that I was in labor giving birth, and my husband dreamt that a baby was being delivered to our house. To our knowledge, we have never had a similar dream on the same night, although we have dreamt these same dreams individually before.

I felt that in the natural, things have been or even may seem static or even chaotic; however, supernaturally, God’s people are going to give birth to His promises, and it’s imminent!

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about someone that represents hope to me. He was on his deathbed. My husband and I were standing over him. He held up his hand and said one, two, three as he counted to his last breath like it was expected. But immediately afterward, he sat up and began talking again.

I felt the Lord was saying that many of us have been a part of watching hope die. It was dramatic and traumatic in our lives. We had to sit and watch for a time, but what you thought had died is being given new life. It’s time for this new birth and new life to begin. What this looks like in my life will look quite different in yours because we all have a call and a special purpose. God will fulfill our deepest hearts desires. He put them there. 

Your baby is being birthed and promises given a life. Hope is on the rise. New life and hope alive will arrive at your doorpost! 

Hope is our confident expectation of something good. We serve a good, good God, and He is so faithful to bring about that goodness in you. It’s His pleasure to do so! He is giving you His kingdom. 


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Brenda Rundus is a wife, mother of two grown sons, and lover of God’s Word and His heart. She served for 14 years as an intercessor and as a leader. Her favorite pastime is walking in the revelatory realm of dreams and prophetic words that bring encouragement. She and her husband Paul have lived in the Sacramento region since 1996.

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