The Battle Before the Harvest

There will be a harvest, it will take place on fields previously soaked with blood, sweat, tears, and gun powder.

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About a year ago, on 1st July 2020, God gave me a word and vision which I recently stumbled across again. Upon re-reading it I felt a strong nudge from Holy Spirit to pick it up and make space for more revelation and expansion before releasing it, sensing that it is highly important for the times we are living and moving in.

First I heard the Lord say: “Before the fields are ready for harvest, they must first serve as battlefields.” I then saw the following vision: Before me was what looked like typical US-American farmland, maybe around the 1920s or 1930s. I stood at the edge of a farming field and spotted a nearby simple, wooden farmhouse. The whole scene looked very idyllic and peaceful. I then saw the farmer who was busy working his field with a manual plow. He was highly focused and entirely dedicated to what he was doing.  

Suddenly I saw several rows of soldiers approaching the scene, dressed, equipped, and ready for war. Their captain directed them straight onto the field of the farmer who became most displeased – as a matter of fact, quite angry upon seeing them. He dropped his plow, walked straight up to the captain, and said: “Hey… this is a harvest field – MY harvest field! What are you doing here?” The captain gently but firmly responded: “There is a battle coming, it is on your doorstep! We have been sent and assigned to fight the enemy and protect you and the land.” The farmer then gazed all around, and as he couldn’t see any enemy army approaching, he shook his head and responded with an even greater deal of frustration: “There is no battle! I’m working the land to prepare for the harvest. Go take your ‘battle’ somewhere else!” He was extremely annoyed that his work had been interrupted and didn’t believe a word the captain had said. 

However, before the captain could even respond, distant sounds were suddenly heard: Sounds of gunfire, shouting, and canon fire – and the sound grew louder very quickly. Very soon, the smell of smoke began to emerge. It was clear that the enemy forces the captain had mentioned were, in fact, real, and that their arrival was imminent. The farmer’s eyes widened, first staring in the direction of the approaching sound and looming smell of war, and then back at the captain whose eyes were filled with great urgency and compassion. Vision ends. 

I sense that the Lord is seeking to alert the body of Christ to the full reality of the times we are living in. Many have been prophesying a time of coming harvest, with many souls flooding into the kingdom. They have predicted many salvations, healings, and spectacular signs and wonders. Whilst I sense these words are valid and right, something absolutely vital has largely been ignored: We are at the edge of (or already in?) the biggest spiritual battle of this age, and many have been ignorant of it, or worse: Have wanted to ignore it. 

Since covid-19 was let loose on planet earth, followed by all the many national restrictions and measures set in place, many of the people of God have been focused on one thing alone: To go back to ‘normal’ as fast as possible, at whatever cost, and to get prepared for a wonderful harvest to come. 

Yes, we are going to have a mighty harvest, God has promised this in His Word (Matthew 13:39) and through many prophetic voices over the past decades as well as in recent years. But many have refused to accept the reality that a fierce spiritual battle will be preceding or even accompanying it. Many people, even many in the body of Christ, have largely assumed that covid-19 was the enemy and that we should partner with those in government to fight this enemy with all the human weapons known and available so we can go back to normal and then get busy bringing the harvest in. 

However, the much-feared virus has just been a vehicle, one could say: a trojan horse, to usher in a whole other enemy threat: One which seeks to deceive, subdue, manipulate, control, and – if need be – destroy all those who won’t volunteer to be controlled by all its clever devices and methods. There have been growing voices warning of the true war at hand, but they have been met with much ridicule, anger, and frustration: “Go away, your warning is misplaced, we are getting on top of the virus and now we are preparing for the harvest.” 

A word to those who have been warning watchmen: Take heart. Do not be afraid. Do not give in to frustration! You have received an assignment from heaven, and those who are now angry with you for the warnings you have voiced will one day, sooner or (much) later realize that the warning never came from a place of ill will or wrong assumptions but from a true place or urgency and compassion, stemming from true revelation and insight revealed by the Spirit of God in order to save many lives from the clever deceptions and traps of the enemy, set up to limit or even ruin the harvest. Your faithfulness will be worth it! Jesus is worth it! Keep warning, and get ready to fight! (2 Corinthians 10:4)

And a word to those precious Believers who have been looking to return to ‘normal’ and get set for the wonderful harvest to come: Yes, there will be a harvest. However, it will take place on fields previously soaked with blood, sweat, tears, and gun powder, with furrows sacrificially drawn by the boots of those who have volunteered in the day of battle (Psalm 110:3) in obedience to the summoning of the King of kings. There will be no known ‘normal’ to go back to. Everything is about to change even more than it already has! If you still cannot see the real enemy and do not feel called to join the army, at least step aside and let those who have been called and volunteered, step up to fight the good fight! They are not against you, they are FOR you and the Lord, fighting so you can live and in order for the harvest to be as plentiful as promised.

“This final harvest will be fertilized with the blood of battle and the sweat and tears of faithful warriors of truth, the true Sons and Daughters of God.”



Written By Susie Molina

This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Voice in the Storm

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