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Many times the unfruitful things in our lives must die in order for the new to be able to spring forth and thrive.

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I recently had a prophetic dream that had such a powerful and precise message for the body of Christ in this hour. In the dream, I was in a field and walked up to an old tree. The tree was very large, very old, and ugly. It was obvious that this tree was dead and had no life in it. It had sort of a sinister or ominous look to it, almost like a cartoon tree. In the dream, as I stood staring at this tree an axe came flying by my head and struck the tree in one of the large roots that were above ground. Then little by little, this old dead tree was whittled away by the axe until it was no more.

When I woke up from the dream, I immediately knew exactly what the Lord was saying through the dream. I believe the tree in the dream represents anything that is dead or religious that has no life in it. And I believe the word of the Lord in this hour is that He is about to cut off anything that is old and dead at the root. Old things are dying and will die as soon as they are cut off at the root. There are some in this season that need to examine things and make sure there is nothing dead or dying in their lives. The reason religious mindsets, structures, and sometimes people are so harmful is because there is no life in religion. The religious spirit has no life in it because it stands in the way of the Holy Spirit. Make sure you are not allowing or partnering with this spirit. In this season, the Lord is bringing the axe to the root of every dead thing because He is about to do something new.

Dead things will hold you back from what God wants you to do now. Many times the unfruitful things in our lives must die in order for the new to be able to spring forth and thrive. In my dream, the old dead tree was very large and was taking up a lot of ground. Many times once the dead things are removed then life is suddenly able to spring up where it was not able to before. It may be dead relationships that are holding you back. It could be a religious or dead mindset that is keeping you from moving forward in whatever God has called you to do. It could even be an offense or hurt that you are holding onto from years ago that is bringing death into your life. Whatever it is, allow the Lord to cut it off at the root!

The dead things are about to fade away and then many will experience rejuvenation and restoration. Now is the time to move forward and leave the past in the past. An old way of doing things and an old way of thinking will never help you to advance. God’s will for you is for you to not just have life, but life more abundantly. So I want to encourage you today, spend some intentional time with the Lord and ask Him to show you what needs the axe taken to it in this hour. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you any and everything that is not edifying or life-giving in your life. What the Lord is about to do is so powerful in the earth and if you are a son or daughter of God you have a part to play. So, don’t allow anything to hold you back. Trust that the axe of the Lord is about to cut down the dead things in this season so the new can come forth!


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