The Affairs Of Men

What credits us?  It’s not our works, but our faith.

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Interesting title, isn’t it?  I am not talking about marital affairs.
I’m speaking about who sets right the corrupt affairs of men?  Our God is the Supreme Judge.  He judges corrupt justice and champions the course of the righteous.  

As I began reading from Psalms today, it says, “Do you rulers indeed speak justly?   Do you judge uprightly among men? (Psalm 58: 1)   God judges those whose hearts, mouths, and hands are united in the pursuit of injustice.  

Here’s how He sees those who unite injustice:  “In your hearts you devise injustice, and your hands mete out violence on the earth.  Their venom is like the venom of a snake, like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears, that will not heed the tune of the charmer, however skillful the enchanter may be.”  (Psalm 58: 4-5)  

The Psalmist prayed, “When they draw the bow, let their arrows be blunted.”  (Psalm 58: 7)  

  • All people will see that “right” ultimately triumphs under God’s just rule.

“Surely the righteous still are rewarded; surely there is a God who judges the earth.” (Psalm 58: 11)  

  • God shall judge the unjust.

Why?  “God is known by His justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.”  (Psalm 9: 16)  (Shared from Psalm 58, Paraphrased)

Faith is what God’s people are credited by.  “Abraham’s faith was credited to him as righteousness.”  (Romans 4: 11)  

What credits us?  It’s not our works, but our faith.  Since Abraham is the father of us all, “He is our father in the sight of God in whom he believed–the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as they are.”  

  • Our God gives life to a situation that is dead.  (Romans 4: 17)  (Shared from Romans 4, Paraphrased)

Wait for the set time.  Saul makes a mistake and doesn’t wait for the set time.  Samuel had promised to make a burnt offering to the Lord Himself before the Israelites went to battle.  He had directed Saul to await his arrival and instructions.  Saul chose to act without Samuel.  

  • Await the set time of God.  
  • Our time is usually not God’s.

Samuel arrives and said, “What have you done?  (1 Samuel 13: 11)  He continues scolding Saul, “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you; if you had, He would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time.  But now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people, because you have not kept the Lord’s command.”  (1 Samuel 13:  13-14)  

Boy did he get an ear beating!  But Saul and his army were supposed to wait seven days and meet at Gilgal.  This was the Lord’s way of testing Saul’s faith and patience.    

  • Unbelief and impatience are marks of spiritual immaturity. 
  • Our disobedience and pride can affect our future.  
  • God wants leaders with His heart, not their own agenda.  

Saul acted like he did nothing wrong when Samuel arrived.  He wanted his blessing.  He didn’t take responsibility for his own actions. 

  • When we mess up, take responsibility and go to God.  If we’ve wronged someone, go to them.  
  • Leaders are not exempt from asking for forgiveness.  

The army of Israel was in poor condition, which reveals Saul’s poor leadership skills.  This army was small in number and had little supplies of weapons, but they had a great God.  They fought the battle with bows, arrows, and slingshots.  Only Saul and Jonathan had a sword and a spear with them.

God surely watches and rules over the affairs of men, and He knows when to act and intervene.  (Shared from 1 Samuel 13, Paraphrased)






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