The Marxist Strategy for Taking Over America—Heritage Briefs 56

Marxism is contrary to basic human nature and so can only be maintained by totalitarian control.

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Marxists have been brilliant in the use of propaganda, and the rest of the world has been inexplicably naïve. Lenin boasted that his treatise on Marxism did not contain a single truth. Yet, it went viral at the time and was embraced by some of the most wealthy and powerful capitalists, and was lauded among the intelligentsia of the West. How could such leading citizens and respected leaders have been so foolish? The same way they continue to be today.

Those who are highly successful in one thing often fall to the delusion that they are wise enough to discern truth in other things. The reverse is usually true. Because great success takes extraordinary focus, you can be very successful in one thing but be ignorant and foolish in other things. Likewise, just because one gets elected to office does not mean they are smart or competent, but rather just politically shrewd.

Both the highly successful industrialists and the intelligentsia of the West proved remarkably shallow, naïve, and incapable of discerning the outrageous and dangerous lies of Marxism. Intellectuals in one field are not necessarily astute in any other.

A good example of this was demonstrated when one news network recently did interviews of graduate students at one of America’s leading universities, and most of them claimed to be socialists. When asked what socialism was not a single student could give an accurate answer. These were obviously very bright in their field of study, but they knew very little about politics, government, or economics. Many of our students have simply not heard anything except a very superficial socialist propaganda.

Studies have shown that most people, even smart, educated people, tend to believe what they want to believe more than what the evidence should lead them to believe. Because of the way revisionist historians have distorted and poisoned the American history being taught in schools, they graduate thinking the opposite of the truth about American history. When they run into “the other side of the story,” most awaken to what has been done to them. This is a main purpose for these Heritage Briefs, to present the truth about our history that is no longer taught in our schools in a way that can be absorbed in just a few minutes at a time.

We must get the right people on our school boards who can discern and eliminate the lies and propaganda in our school curriculums. To date, almost every new generation has fallen into the same traps the Marxists have laid in these curriculums. Even so, they tend to wake up when they gain knowledge in the real world and witness the horrors of Marxism in their own time.

Presently, we have shocking examples like the destroying of the economy and end of freedom in Venezuela, which had been the wealthiest country in South America just a few years ago, but is now the most destitute. Some are waking up to the draconian totalitarian control and thought police in China that is growing much worse every year because of the technological advances in surveillance. That is the real nature of Marxism applied.

In the 1920s the West was swooning over Marxism just as it seems to be today. By the 1930s the true nature of Marxism had been revealed, and most who had so superficially embraced it were shocked and became vehement anti-communists. This lasted into the 1960s, but Marxists have been shrewd and determined to subdue the West. Their strategies for infiltrating education, the media, and entertainment have been persistent, brilliant, and effective, while the leaders and intelligentsia of the West have been naïve and foolish.

Though the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major setback for Marxism, and after this the West thought that it was dead, Marxist operatives began redoubling their efforts of infiltration. Even so, Marxism is so shallow, and we now have such a long and tragic history of it to see, it can be easily defeated and pushed back with competent leadership. But good politicians are rarely good leaders, which is why the American Republic was not designed to be run by politicians, but leaders.

It is the vacuum of leadership in the West, and especially in the U.S., that enabled Marxism to gain so much of a grip on so many of our people. We must have a leadership that truly understands this battle, and has the wisdom and resolve to not just push back on Marxism, but to eradicate it.

I too was fooled by Marxism until I read their books and studied how it actually worked when Marxists took over a country. Most of us went through a time when we were young and tended to think that the little knowledge we had about anything was enough to draw final conclusions on. The Bible is right when it says we “know in part,” and the younger we are, the smaller that part tends to be for obvious reasons. That also happens to be the time when we think we are the wisest and most reasonable, which is the perfect prescription for deception. However, we should not blame the youth for this, but ourselves for letting so much that is false be taught in our schools.

Since Marxism is now making another comeback, we will use the next few Briefs to go a bit deeper into what it actually is, and we’ll start with Marxism’s “45 Goals” for taking over America. Just understanding their goals is a revelation of the true nature of Marxism, and why it is the deadliest evil that mankind has been subjected to.

These 45 Goals were published in The Naked Communist in 1961. They were gleaned from testimonies before Congress, scholars, and the writings of American Communists. In 1963 these 45 Goals were actually read into the Congressional Record by Albert S. Herlong, Jr., (D-Florida). The ultimate strategy of these were to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundations in America that our freedoms were based on, thereby destroying our freedoms, and thereby destroying our Republic. The list used here is derived from those published in The Naked Communist, but paraphrased with more present terminology.

         MARXIST GOAL #1: The U.S. acceptance of coexistence with communism as the only alternative to nuclear war. 

For over forty years, from about 1950 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the fear of nuclear war dominated the world. This #1 goal of the Marxists was the main way they used this fear, and it was achieved when the Nixon Administration’s policy called Détente was implemented. This opened the door wide for the Soviet Union and other communist nations to continue with their expansion and their determination to destroy America and all other free countries. As long as this policy continued, communism advanced and democratic republics were being attacked and overtaken at a fast pace.

After taking office, President Reagan had a competitive analysis done on the policy of Détente to see if it was an effective strategy. This quickly revealed the great advantage this policy had given to the communists and the disadvantage to the free world. Reagan acted immediately to develop a new policy of resistance to communist aggression.

President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain, were not manipulated by communist threats, but pushed back hard. Europeans, who still had not learned after two world wars that appeasement does not work, were appalled by this new resolve to stand up to the bully, but it worked. Communist expansion slowed, and in less than a decade the Soviet Union collapsed.

Many nations were set free from the communist yoke by this collapse. The Cold War was won without battles, but with resolve based on a clear belief that men were created to be free. Marxism is contrary to basic human nature and so can only be maintained by totalitarian control. It is so hated by those under its yoke that it will collapse when met with real resistance, just as Reagan and Thatcher demonstrated. However, it is so deceptive that it cannot just be beaten or it will keep spreading its deadly social poison—it must be eradicated from the face of the earth as the deadly, evil disease which it is.

         Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. –Thomas Paine

         Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. –Thomas Jefferson


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