MAKE LIFE MATTER: Get Ready to Embrace God’s Goals with Mimika Cooney

Episode #57 – Born and raised in South Africa, entrepreneur Mimika Cooney experienced severe rejection, bullying, and a broken childhood. She spent years pursuing accolades and addicted to approval in the pursuit of finding her worth, validation and confidence. Then God stepped in to heal her hurts, change her heart and awaken a passion for helping others seeking their purpose in life.

4 Principles for Developing Character

After years of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits, it finally became clear
that I needed to stop chasing performance and start getting comfortable with who I am.

Living a Labyrinth Life in a Ladder World

This system of competition, rivalry, and classification inevitably put us on ladders, where we rank everything from our gender to our attractiveness to our shoe choice.

The Script

I let someone else determine my worth. I let someone else write these lines in my head.

A Secret Worth Telling

Growing up, I could always tell when someone had a secret. It was usually made very obvious. Hands covering mouths and voices in a hushed tone.

Are You Convinced?

What we don’t realize is that, oftentimes, we become victims of financial slavery in this process, heaping on loads of debt and worry.

What Controls You?

Just like hunger makes us angry or an intense love makes us feel like fighting, money can control our actions too. We can be greedy, frivolous, wise or generous. We can also feel burdened or at peace.

More Precious Than Gold

As far as a legacy goes, I don’t want to pass on jewelry to my children, at least not in the context of legacy.

The Trap of Comparison

I was in a new school with new friends, and I wanted so badly to fit in. So I tried out for the cheerleading squad, thinking it was the missing link. Tryouts were on a Friday, and I’ll never forget how the list of those who made it was taped to the glass windows of the school.