Rescued From Darkness

If we are seed-bearers, that means we have seeds to lead inside.  
Those seeds need to be discovered, watered, and nurtured by the “Sonshine.”

How to Resist Corruption

Day 351 of Bible Reading Plan – One of the most significant battles we will face in this life is the battle of the mind as we war within and try to defeat sin. But next to that chief battle is the need to be wise regarding the influence of people around us that can pull us away from devotion to God.

Our Strong Tower

He has already proven His love, to the point of death. How then can we doubt He will not protect us in both the little issues as well as the big ones?

When Everything Goes Wrong

It seems a bit counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Thanking God when things go wrong. But it struck me that my niece had it right.

Can I Hear from God?

As I am writing, I’m just listening for thoughts that I know I probably wouldn’t have on my own. They are usually tender, quiet thoughts.

Lessons in the Pursuit of Unity

Let’s not take it personally if someone thinks differently or believes differently than we do. Let’s not speak words we will be sorry for later on.

Care and Maintenance

Spiritually, are we checking ourselves daily for dryness? Are we watering the soil of our hearts with God’s Word and worship?

Matthew’s Gospel: Fulfill

Each of us is on the earth to worship God. To walk with Jesus on the Path of Life is to live the worship-filled life.

Matthew’s Gospel: Galilee

His ministry was different from that of John. He would call people to repentance as John did, but Jesus would also bring a new perspective on the Old Covenant

Our Daily Bread

Spiritual junk food might look like reading a quick Bible verse on social media without ever opening the Bible for ourselves.

The Art of Friendship, Part 2

Episode #108 – When we understand the value that God places on relationships, we see the purposes in which friendships are all about Kingdom work.

Prayer for Ash Wednesday

We reflect on the need for that journey and we confess our sins to you. We have fallen short of your glory and the perfection we had in Eden. 

Let it Rain!

We ask for the windows of Heaven to be opened.  Bring a shower of refreshing and a fresh wind of blessing to sweep across our lives.

Light Pollution

Episode #97 – If we want to see God, we’re going to have to deal with the light pollution keeping God’s light from getting to our souls.

Mark’s Gospel: Supper

Each of them knew that he was capable of such a horrible thing and hoped against hope that he would not be the guilty one.

The Character of God and Hell

Episode #94 – As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, and so forth. Why? Is it just because that’s what love does? Or could there be more?

Mark’s Gospel: Endtimes

This was not at all what the men expected to hear. They expected Jesus to restore the spirituality of the Temple, not bring down its buildings.