MOVING ON: Let’s All Get the Heck Off This Struggle-Bus

Episode #34 – Jess was also guest spot this week on The Lajoie Society Podcast and would love for you to give Other-Jessie a listen as she is bright, beautiful, and a breath of fresh air that may or may not have a bit of a potty mouth, but they both feel it is needed here and there at times, so…

BLACK AND WHITE: Self-Care—Caring for our Soul

Episode #75 – Neglecting care for our souls can have devastating consequences. Listen in as Angela and Denise share key principles of biblical self-care that we all need. We can recalibrate our hearts in God’s presence. 

BLACK AND WHITE: Keeping Your Marriage Fun

Episode #74 – Has your marriage gotten to be a little ho-hum or hard? Marriage can be fun again. Listen in as Angela and Denise share some of the things that have kept their marriage fun and fulfilling even in the midst of the monotony and craziness of life.

BLACK AND WHITE: What Matters Most as a Wife

Episode #73 – If you have ever felt like the verses describing the excellent wife in Proverbs 31 are an impossible standard you could never live up to, you are not alone. But there is hope! God does not have such verses in His word to torment us. Listen in as Denise and Angela discuss what matters most as a wife.  


Episode #42 – Everyone wants to live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Listen and find out exactly what the key to life is.

BLACK AND WHITE: Dear Wife – An Interview with Amanda Davison

Episode #71 – Connection with your spouse can happen even better than ever with small adjustments and busting out of our habits by breaking our routine. Listen in this week as Denise interviews Amanda Davison, Founder of “A Wife Like Me” and Author of Dear Wife: 10-minute Invitations to Practice Connection with Your Husband.”

BLACK AND WHITE: Find Your Fearless – Preserving Our Hope

Episode # 83 – Could the women from biblical times speak to our fear today? It is possible to rise above the doubts that try to kill our courage. Listen in as Denise and Angela share from Angela’s new book, “Fearless: Ordinary Women of the Bible who Dared to do Extraordinary things”, and learn how to stand up to fear and preserve our hope at all times.

MOVING ON: I Get My Way, and You Get Yours

Episode #15 – My favorite thing we discussed in this episode was how we walked through a situation that has caused an ugly fight between us 100% of the time, and THIS time it DID NOT. We break it down like a game-tape!

BLACK AND WHITE: The Power of Humility

The answer to shame is not found in pride, but humility. The only reason we are free from shame is the grace and faithfulness of God. Shame tries to point us back to who we were before Christ, but humility points us back to the One who our lives really are all about—Jesus. Listen in and discover how humility conquers shame in Jesus’ name!

MOVING ON: Hey! Get Out of Your Way!

Episode #13 – Jay and Jess discuss the many ways our pride can keep us from truly enjoying the amazing things that are waiting for us, and how simply getting out of our own way can open our lives up to an abundance of happiness, fulfillment, and love!