She’s Tough As Nails

She goes to those places on purpose and she shines. she speaks. she lets a smirk grow across her face because she knows they are powerless against her.

A Tale of Two Teachers

This is why we are spiritually weak and we cannot discern when a pretty face is lying to us while holding a Bible. It is because we love the wrong things.

The Jill Monaco Show: New Podcast!

Join Jill Monaco on her first episode of the podcast “The Jill Monaco Show” to discover the favor that’s already on your life. Tap into courage, gifts, and passions you never knew were there.

Collective Member Highlight: Jennifer Quinn

For years, she believed no one else suffered from the same marriage and parenting problems as she did. “Thankfully, in time,” Quinn writes, “God has revealed this to be a lie.”

The Lies Women Believe

When thoughts that seem in opposition to God’s Word try to invade your mind, thoughts that condemn you, cause you fear, or fill you with sadness and self-hate, stand firm in who you are in Jesus and fix your mind on who He says you are.

Wonder Woman: A Beacon for Love

Diana Prince’s power relies not on her weapons, physical strength, or intelligence. Rather, she falls back on love, the greatest weapon of all.