MAKE LIFE MATTER: Today I Choose with Charlotte Gambill

Episode #80 – Through a difficult season of infertility, Charlotte Gambill chose to sow seeds of life and hope into others. When the pandemic spread across the globe, we faced change in our everyday choices and unfamiliar restrictions. Yet, that season reminded Charlotte that we still have the power to choose.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Disruptive Compassion Convoy of Hope with Hal Donaldson

Episode #79 – After a tragic accident took the life of his father and seriously injured his mother, his family experienced the shame and pain of poverty and the power of kindness. In this unforgettable interview, Hal Donaldson shares moments that changed his life: a haunting word from Mother Theresa, a miracle in one of his lowest seasons, and an encounter that opened heaven over Convoy of Hope.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Rooms of a Mother’s Heart with Carol McLeod

Episode #78 – One of the most listened to guests of Season 1, Carol McLeod, President, and founder of Carol McLeod Ministries, is back with Rooms of a Mother’s Heart: A Sacred Call and an Eternal. With wisdom and compassion, Carol examines what it means to be a mother and offers tender encouragement to all women who accept that calling.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Rev Up Your Heart Health with Dr. Sam Kojoglanian

Episode #76 – Known as the Mender of Hearts, Dr. Sam Kojoglanian is an interventional cardiologist and an international evangelist. He shares the 3 “W’s” of spiritual, physical, and emotional heart health: water, walk, and the Word. His practical and spiritual insights will guard your heart and help you live your best life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: How to Hear from God with Sterling Harris

Episode #74 – Sterling Harris is a former NFL Player and federal prisoner whose life was radically changed by starting and developing an intimate relationship with Jesus. In Sterling’s new book, “How to Hear God, 10 Ways God,” you will learn to experience God’s voice with greater clarity and encounter God’s activity in your everyday life.