Useful Vessels

Let the water of the Holy Spirit be poured out.  Jesus is waiting for us to “draw out” from Him.  He is waiting to release healing.

Intoxicated Church

If we are using alcohol to escape reality, why not tap into the One who can help us survive in our reality?

What God Would Say to the Addict

When the world seems to have given up on you, He has not. When you have given up on yourself, He has not. You are not an addict. Through Christ, because of Christ, you are more.

Lessons from a Holy Communion Conundrum

As my wife shared her communion wafer, I saw grace in action. She shared what she had with me. She rescued me from shame. To many, it may be viewed as incomplete. Neither one of us had a complete wafer to ourselves. However, it was all that either of us needed.