William Cuccia

Waiting in Silence

Today be thankful in the silence and allow the Warrior Lion to roar and perform. 

Zorro and David’s Sword

The Great Holy Spirit is moving across the earth swiftly to bring justice and release the truth of God’s word. 

A Coin Flip by Jesus

Jesus sits on the top front porch step of our Father’s house. He’s relaxed, repeatedly flipping a coin up in the air and catching it. I’m about six years old, I run up and say, “They’re stealing it, they’re stealing it!”    Jesus smiles and says, “Do I look concerned?  Do I look worried?”   His words […]

Sounds In the Quiet Place 

Passionate pleadings are heard by the Intercessor who is seated at the right hand of our Father in heaven; Jesus Christ.

Guarding Against the Onslaught of Fear

You don’t have to be afraid of the enemy’s tactics, he wants to put fear in you, don’t be afraid. I can take him down at any time, he knows he’s powerless.

Abba Love

I looked up as I rounded third base and my father already with the ball in his hand was standing pounding the ball in the air yelling, “That’s my boy! That’s my boy!”