Finding Your Way Home

Running frantically when you have lost your way only gets you more lost. This is where we must stop, get still and know that he is God.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny The Life of Jesus

Episode #49 – In this 4-part Series, Angela looks at the lives of Jesus, Elijah, David, and Ruth, and shows us how we can move from desert to destiny. In today’s episode on the life of Jesus and His desert experience, we learn to recognize the ways we are tempted, resist temptation through Scripture, and realize God is propelling us to destiny.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: The Purpose Of The Hidden Season with Meredith Andrews

Today we talk about the beauty in the hidden seasons. We’ve both been there. You may not think someone with such a public ministry would feel hidden. I’m so glad she shares what she is learning. One thing is … even though it doesn’t seem productive or fruitful, God has a purpose for the wilderness.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: God Moves In Our Weakness

Episode #7 – Go into the secret place and live a life of devotion! God is using people in the most unlikely of situations. I have endured many wilderness seasons, but that is when I have found myself in the best place to be used by God. God moves in our weakness! HE can use everyday people, just like you, to do extraordinary things.

John’s Gospel: Wilderness

Here was his pulpit found, his platform, and the fashion of the wilderness—a belt of camel’s hair—was his only vestment.

The Desert

Sometimes, God is silent and seems far away from us. It’s not what’s really happening but it can seem like that. He is always right by us.

Messages Come in the Wilderness

Whatever God is calling you to, do it faithfully and with fervor.  Your voice and your message can have the same impact as John’s.

Mark’s Gospel: Wilderness

This same Jesus who turned away from pride, position, and false worship resides in us by the Spirit to enable our humility, servanthood, and true worship.

Destiny Dreams: Joseph

Sometimes, when God gives us glimpses of our destinies, He doesn’t give us the whole pictures, but He does give us the grace and strength to walk us into what He has prepared for us.

Getting Wilder

Quickly, my dreamt up glamorous adventure with God turned into a death sentence. I truly thought I had put away so many things of this world.

The Sand of the Desert Season

In the desert season, we must not forget that His thoughts are innumerable like the sand found in that desert. Every season is an opportunity to stare at our loving Father in the face and see His love.