WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: Dealing with Depression

Depression. Sadness. Distress. Exhaustion. Weariness. No one is immune to these things. Don’t ever think that you’re immune to depression because even the greatest believers can be laid low by depression. Find hope and learn how to deal with depression with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.


Kindness. It’s a great trait. As a matter of fact, it’s a Bible trait. God is incredibly kind with us and to us. He models kindness so well. But are we also kind? Could we be kinder? Would you like to add more kindness to your life?

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Midlife Mothering – with Bambi Moore

Today we have a heart-to-heart chat with Bambi Moore, mother of 11, blogger, and speaker. Specifically, on her heart was to share how we can have joy in the fight for faith and mothering. Moms of all ages will be edified and encouraged through this rich discussion.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Let’s Talk About Hormones! – with Julie Formby

Whether you are a young mom with little children, or an older mother close to menopause, hormones are a popular subject. Join us as Julie Formby, owner of yournewvitality.com, shares the importance of balancing your hormones and different testing options. Julie is a wealth of wisdom, so listen now.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Are you a people-pleaser? A person who wants to make everyone else happy. This can be such a burden. It can take over our lives if we let it. Let’s talk about how to win over this challenge with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God. Here are 5 simple ways to overcome People-Pleasing.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Turn Religion into Reality

Is there joy in your life? Peace? Hope? Favor? Sweetness? To really enjoy your relationship with God and turn your religion into reality, there are some great truths to follow. Discover these truths today with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Spring Garden Preparation

Join us for ideas for planting a well-producing, sustainable family garden. Get the March spring to-do preparation list. Learn four ways to keep Monsanto out of your garden, and how to build a durable wind and weather-resistant trellis. Listen now!

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Love. What’s love got to do with it all anyway? It’s sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. Especially God’s love. Have you really experienced the amazing love of God? Do you grasp how much He loves you? Let’s talk about this today with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God.

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: You Can Find Freedom from Fear!

So many people are filled with fear today. They are anxious, stressed, and concerned about the future. Let’s talk about how you can find freedom from fear with Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God today. Learn some practical ways to defeat the spirit of fear that’s stealing your joy and peace!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God of Multiplication

In this episode you will hear an encouraging word that  God is not wanting to destroy you,  nor put sickness on you,  steal from you, take away from you or leave you depressed, desolate, and alone! No! God is a God of multiplication and He’s wanting to add and multiply in your life, not subtract and divide.