DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Midlife Mothering – with Bambi Moore

Today we have a heart-to-heart chat with Bambi Moore, mother of 11, blogger, and speaker. Specifically, on her heart was to share how we can have joy in the fight for faith and mothering. Moms of all ages will be edified and encouraged through this rich discussion.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Let’s Talk About Hormones! – with Julie Formby

Whether you are a young mom with little children, or an older mother close to menopause, hormones are a popular subject. Join us as Julie Formby, owner of yournewvitality.com, shares the importance of balancing your hormones and different testing options. Julie is a wealth of wisdom, so listen now.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Spring Garden Preparation

Join us for ideas for planting a well-producing, sustainable family garden. Get the March spring to-do preparation list. Learn four ways to keep Monsanto out of your garden, and how to build a durable wind and weather-resistant trellis. Listen now!

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: What Is a Mother To Do? – with Nicki Truesdell

Mothers have a crucial role to play in society, although their job doesn’t always feel very “crucial.” Wiping baby faces, repeating instructions, settling squabbles, and making food is repetitive and don’t always seem important. When we read news headlines, follow politics, and really know the state of the world, big important things seem out of our hands. But they are not.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Why is a Fever Your Friend?

In this episode, we will discuss why fever is your friend and why you don’t need to be scared if your child spikes one. Learn when and when not to treat a fever and how to do so if necessary. Also, learn the dangers of acetaminophen, especially if your child has been vaccinated.

DEEP ROOTS AT HOME: Live Blood Cell Analysis – with Julie Formby

Julie Formby shares fascinating info with us today about live blood cell analysis. Learn what it is, what it can and can’t tell you, as well as its benefits. Julie will share with us what are some of the things she has been seeing and how she is addressing certain illnesses. Listen now.