Wedding Debt

If you trust God and don’t fall for Satan’s schemes, the Lord will show up for you.

The Bride of Christ

In faithfulness, she takes hold of Him, who takes away her shame.
So that she can stand in His righteousness, she takes on His name.

Useful Vessels

Let the water of the Holy Spirit be poured out.  Jesus is waiting for us to “draw out” from Him.  He is waiting to release healing.

I Never Did Mind the Little Things

We’ve become more loving, considerate, and selfless in our service to one another, but it’s not like we took a magic potion to suddenly become the perfect spouse.

10 Years of Marriage

The hurricanes throughout our marriage have shown us that we are very capable of bending without breaking as trees do in powerful storms.

Be Ready for the Oil From Your Labors

In your season of preparation, worship, fasting, prayer, praise, sacrifices, etc., all produce an oil that you’ve labored for. Personal faith, repentance, baptism, personal holiness, personal service, and personal preparedness cannot be borrowed! There is a cost for the oil, and you cannot just give that away.