Finding Beauty in Vulnerability

“You will get a more complete picture of God’s love if you begin to observe how he loves others — deeply, uniquely, completely.

Full Exposure

The online way of doing things is exposing me in a whole other way.


Now vulnerability sounds like a negative word; by definition, it means that you are susceptible to attack or capable of being hurt. A picture to help you think of this is that our lives are like a castle.

What I Learned From My #MeToo #ChurchToo Story

Listen to Jill as she shares her own personal story related to the #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements. Although feeling much vulnerability, she offers both her testimony and what God has subsequently taught her.

Life is Not a Masquerade

The past has no power over your future, so it’s time to expect a better tomorrow. God knows that masquerading is a hindrance to a genuine relationship with Him. Can you take off the mask and let Him love you just the way you are?

Don’t Trade The Real Things

God is love. His love is jealous for us, for our devotion to Him. He is relentless in His loving pursuit of our hearts. And He won’t take a fake, shallow love in place of the real thing.