MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 – Reveal

This conclusion of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Amy Carroll, Alisha Illian, and Sue Duffield. These impacting moments will help you balance a tender heart and a strong voice, ground your identity in Christ, and embrace the healing power of humor.

I Hear Voices

Our Heavenly Father’s voice can silence the lies we tell ourselves, the lies our parents have told us, and the lies of the evil one.

Joy and Sorrow

We often don’t believe that joy and sorrow are simultaneously possible because we don’t know what true joy is.

DARE 2 HEAR: The Prophetic Warrior

Emma Stark is a prophet who operates with authority, boldness, and authenticity. Put your seatbelt on and settle in for a power-packed episode full of revelation and fire! In today’s episode, Emma and I discuss her new book and she shares what God is speaking to His church today.

Listening For God’s Voice

Hearing from the Lord requires a heart that is humble before Him—a heart that is eager and ready to hear what He has to say.

Mark’s Gospel: Glimpse

They fell face forward to the ground—the shining light, the three mystical beings, and the booming voice—were all too much for them.

It Matters

He already put in motion for me things on the other side of that for my good. My steps are ordained, and I’m so grateful for His ability to do that.

The Thicket Part 2: Downhill

I reached up, and a perfectly ripened fruit seemed to fall into my hand. I hesitated as I considered the gatekeeper’s words: “It will only bring you harm.”

Just A Voice

He avoided the limelight like it was the plague, constantly downplaying his importance. When asked who he was, he replied with two words…a voice.

What Happens When You Hear God’s Voice Wrong?

He straightened my paths, so if I took a wrong turn, He could redirect better than any Google Maps could do. By focusing on my ability to correctly hear His voice, I was placing the power in my hands, and that’s not where it resided.