You Will Not Steal My Joy!

We, however, can live joyful lives even in the midst of not-so-perfect situations. We can reject the whispers and times we are tempted to dwell on those things that bring us down.

The Art of Friendship, Part 2

Episode #108 – When we understand the value that God places on relationships, we see the purposes in which friendships are all about Kingdom work.

What You Value

I have never received an inheritance of money from anyone but the gift of living for the Kingdom of God is a birthright that is worth more than any financial gain.

Are You Convinced?

What we don’t realize is that, oftentimes, we become victims of financial slavery in this process, heaping on loads of debt and worry.

More Precious Than Gold

As far as a legacy goes, I don’t want to pass on jewelry to my children, at least not in the context of legacy.

Is He Enough?

Is He enough? Because if He is, why am I constantly searching for fleeting momentary glimpses of the approval of others?

The Trap of Comparison

I was in a new school with new friends, and I wanted so badly to fit in. So I tried out for the cheerleading squad, thinking it was the missing link. Tryouts were on a Friday, and I’ll never forget how the list of those who made it was taped to the glass windows of the school.