Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Cake Marriage with Guest Michelle Sullivan

Episode #81 – We’re talking to author Michelle Sullivan about her book, about her book, Chocolate Cake Marriage: The Recipe to Refresh, Revive or Restore. Yes, it’s the perfect conversation for Valentine’s Day!

Love Letter

You anxiously await their response—

Will they care what you have to say?

To All You Hubbies Out There

I promise if you choose one or all of these ideas, your wife will love it! So let’s get ready to celebrate the season of love!

A Greater Love

“I see you. I equipped you, and I love you.” I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s Day acknowledgment.  It really didn’t matter to me at all if I got a “Happy Valentine’s Day” from anyone because the One that matters, the Highest of all high, the King acknowledged me.

What is Love: Sacrificing

Love is not about being showered with pink-and-red-and-white everything; it’s about giving more than you receive every day of the year.