truth The Word

Out With the Old

Old patterns and old ways keep us reluctant to opening up our spirits to the new.

As He was Praying

God still wants to bring us into the inner courts, to experience His glory.  

What Should We Do?

John’s ministry was called a baptism of repentance because it included sorrow for sin and a changed heart.

Movedb By the Spirit

God still approves the release of the true prophetic word, coming from His servants.  

Know the Certainty of Things Taught

Luke begins his introduction by declaring that he has carefully investigated everything from the beginning.  Apparently, he didn’t take anyone’s word for it.  He was a physician, so he was a man of intelligence.   He was specifically directing the gospel to Theophilus, whose name means “one who loves God.”  He was a Roman official […]

Whatever We Do

 When you work, work with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.