Make Up Your Mind

Day 247 of Bible Reading Plan – Our mind is a battlefield. Our mind is where our belief system is formed and kept. And it is where the enemy of our souls seeks to attack us and prevent us from knowing God. Our thoughts can wander and fear or anxiety can rob us of the peace is ours. But when you feel discouraged in your mind, you can choose to make up your mind by setting our hope on God and filtering our thoughts through His word.

The Burden of Thinking

Paying attention is the tuition fee I give the world for tutoring me, and in turn, I sharpen my own spiritual perception because God made this world I’m observing.

Renewing Our Mindset: Part 2

Just because we think a thought, it does not mean it is true. And if it is true, it does not mean we have to be condemned by it.

God Doesn’t Expect Our Perfection

Fretting isn’t from a friend, and panic isn’t for our pleasure. One thing I knew; God did not want me feeling this way, making mountains out of molehills.

Finding The Ponies

I want to be known as the girl who faced the ugly in life with a smile. The kind of girl who thrived and walked in freedom.

Invisible Afflictions

If you can remember that someone’s mental health is just as important and relevant as your physical health, you’re already helping more than you know.

Taking Out The Garbage

Garbage is not kept inside our homes but is put outside and taken away. We are to do the same with our sour and putrid thoughts.

Taking Thoughts Captive

Taking every thought captive is definitely not something I have mastered. I still have times where I question my thoughts. I wonder: how did I allow this to happen again?

Standing on the Offensive Line

When you find yourself in a place of offense, your mind, heart, and spirit are more than likely unsettled. You may be figuring ways to justify yourself.

Thought to Action

How do we control our thoughts? We must take action against negative thoughts and pursue holy thoughts to their completion.