The Burden of Thinking

Paying attention is the tuition fee I give the world for tutoring me, and in turn, I sharpen my own spiritual perception because God made this world I’m observing.

What the World Needs Now

We need to get over ourselves and learn to love others despite the differences. We need to learn to love even when it costs us something.

8 Qualities of the Creative Mind

If a person wants to begin to increase their creative production, it will be necessary to develop as many of these mental attitudes as possible.

The Art of Creative Thinking: Part 2

Is it possible to be balanced between convergent and divergent thinking? Of course, it is possible. In fact, that is the goal. But this often requires work.

The Art of Creative Thinking: Part 1

We see that we are all born creative. After all, we are made in God’s image, and the first thing God tells us about Himself is that He is creative.

Daily Quiet Time

Surrounded by mountains and creeks, I began to find a special peace doing things like sitting on my back porch to watch a sunset. I started going on hikes on Saturday mornings, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. These were ways for me not only to escape my newfound concerns and anxieties but also confront them more calmly.