The Importance of Generous Speech

Generous speech is not naive. It doesn’t deny evidence or shy away from discussing bad acts.
Generous speech does, however, exercise restraint.

Triune Gospel: Weighing Teachings

I think one of the things that is important to keep in mind is that the Bible is what was inspired and gifted to us by the Holy Spirit, not theology. 

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Applying Theology

Episode 8 – What do you think when you hear the word “Theology?” Is it something to be avoided? Divisive? Over-complicated? The reality is good theology is simply having a good understanding of scripture, which goes deeper than just a “head-knowledge” about God. It must go to the heart level and have practical effects in our lives.

Pure Imagination

I don’t believe that God sits in heaven frowning at us when we use our imaginations as a part of how we frame our theology. He gave us imagination for a reason.

A Brief History of Mary in Art

Mary is referred to directly in 10 chapters in the Gospels and ‘speaks’ only 5 times. However, she is 2nd only to Jesus in Christian art.