The Jesus Habit Podcast

People and Stories

Episode #101 – Since God is love, if we want to become love, we have to spend more time with God if we stand a chance of becoming like Him.

Ambassadors of Good

Episode #96 – “Whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me” has become so popular and overused that we probably tend to gloss over at the reading of this story. 

The Attributes Of God

Episode #93 – So today, what I am going to attempt to do is give a brief (ha!) overview of some of the attributes of God.

The Whole Counsel of Scripture

Episode #86 – If we’re going to be able to see the bigger picture of God’s reality that the world is built on, we absolutely must become regular consumers of God’s Word

Are You True?

Episode #82 – When we seek to live by being true or aligned with His ways, we thrive.

Paul and 9-Volt Batteries

Episode #81 – This is where we finish our tour of Bible characters who struggled. And it’s because I can see it as a theme of every story we have told. “My power is made perfect in weakness.”


Episode #76 – Our citizenship is in heaven. That means that for now, we are exiles. We are outsiders. We aren’t living in our permanent home.

The Beginning

Episode #73 – And God made mankind in their image. Their? Yes, their. Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make mankind in our image.” Plural.

The Battle of the Ages

Episode 23 – Today, we start to take a look at one of the most controversial passages of Scripture in the whole Bible. It’s going to be awesome!

Frapping The Boat

Episode 20 – Today, we get to the key verses in the book of Hebrews, learn a memory verse, and even uncover another key nautical term, “Frapping The Boat.”

Friends vs. Accomplices (Part 2)

Episode 19 – Today, as we focus on the journey process we are on together, we take a look at another critical component in the transformation process.