The Jesus Habit: Daily Devotion

Matthew’s Gospel: Good

The Bible makes it clear that being completely good is a hopeless goal on our own. We all fall short of the glory of God.

Mark’s Gospel: Victory

A young man dressed in brilliant white robes was standing on the right side of the large flat stone where the body of Jesus should have been.

Mark’s Gospel: Readiness

Each of the Temples where God Almighty chose to dwell among people ended in this type of destruction. The repeated cause? False worship.

Mark’s Gospel: Lord

Look to Jesus. Look to the disciples after Pentecost. Look to any truly great Christian leader and you will find humility.

Are You True?

Episode #82 – When we seek to live by being true or aligned with His ways, we thrive.

Mark’s Gospel: Jerusalem

Jesus could not leave them to their uniformed reveries. He had to warn them of what awaited them in this pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

John the Baptist’s Struggles

Episode #80 – John is beheaded in prison and his disciples take his headless body and bury it in a tomb. That’s a rough ending to anyone’s story. 


Episode #76 – Our citizenship is in heaven. That means that for now, we are exiles. We are outsiders. We aren’t living in our permanent home.

The Same Old Trap

Episode #74 – The same is true for us. How different would our lives be if, when someone or something raises a question, we went right to the source?

The Beginning

Episode #73 – And God made mankind in their image. Their? Yes, their. Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make mankind in our image.” Plural.

Weekly Teaching: The Enemy

Episode #25 – Today, we take a quick look at our enemy and then spend some time unpacking six tactics we can use when he attacks our mind.

Going Over The Monthly Reflection Page

Episode 24 – In today’s teaching, we take a look at the purpose along with how to use the monthly reflection page and see why it’s important to the 90 day process.

Frapping The Boat

Episode 20 – Today, we get to the key verses in the book of Hebrews, learn a memory verse, and even uncover another key nautical term, “Frapping The Boat.”

Friends vs. Accomplices (Part 2)

Episode 19 – Today, as we focus on the journey process we are on together, we take a look at another critical component in the transformation process.

Friends vs. Accomplices (Part 1)

Episode 18 – Today, as we focus on the journey process we are on together, we take a look at another critical component in the transformation.

What is Rest?

Episode 17 – Today we take a look at what the “rest” the author is referring to and what it means for us today.

Wandering Hearts

Episode 16 – Today, we are going to take a look at the problem of wandering hearts and un-disciplined passions.

Hardened Heart

Episode 15 – Today, we take a look at what it means to have a hardened heart and the implications for following Jesus.