The Church

Where Are the Church Futurists?

The church needs to be tracking with what God is doing in the entire world and how that is going to affect our ability to pursue the great commission.

A Pandemic of Not Following God’s Word

On March 15th, most of us sat that Sunday in churches and listened to our pastors tell us the plan for closures in the wake of the unknowns associated with COVID19.

Study of Revelation: The 24 Elders

The book of Revelation is filled with symbolism and is often difficult to decipher. The 24 elders that John sees in heaven are no exception. Who are these elders and do they help offer a picture as to who we are in Christ?

The God of The Living

We have become doctors and nurses who are putting bandages on rotting corpses, when what people really need is a miracle.

The Coming Marketplace Prophets

These strategically placed prophets in the marketplace will deliver the answers, interpretations, and strategies to bring these desires into reality.

A Prayer for the Lost

This world needs Jesus like never before, and we must bridge the gap! Why don’t you read my prayer for the lost and add your own words to it?

Trust Fatigue

If you have trust fatigue, you don’t want to quit the journey.  You just want to hit cruise control for a season. You have been walking in faith, but now your faith is tired. 

A Prayer for Redemptive Discipline

Discipline is the common denominator of successful lives. Therefore, out of love the Father disciplines us. This prayer encourages us to embrace our Father’s discipline. Read it. Pray it. Share it.