the Christmas Story

The Christmas Story: Answers

He was a good influence on their children. The rumors of His illegitimate birth were almost forgotten in the presence of His excellent nature.

The Christmas Story: Also

Empower Your people to worship in Spirit and Truth and to tell Your story in worship, in work, and in personal witness! We will tell Your story!

The Christmas Story: Anna

Her energy began to fade as she paused to breathe. Simeon took a step toward her as with new strength she continued.

The Christmas Story: Gifts

We see how important our prayers of worship and petition are as gifts to the Lord. They are sweet to the senses of the Lord Himself.

The Christmas Story: Manger

In the silence, the Baby Jesus began to cry. His soft cries stuck the kings and shepherds like hammer blows to the heart.

The Christmas Story: Angels

His tiny tears brought broad smiles to Mary and Joseph, but their joy was overmatched by the hosts of heaven. Angels danced suspended in the air.

The Christmas Story: Inn

The end of the torturous journey for a young woman “great with child” was a first-century version of a No Vacancy sign.

The Christmas Story: Temple

He would build something called, “the Church,” that would be His resurrected Body in the world, the Habitation of God by His Spirit.

The Christmas Story: Magnificat

Elizabeth explained what was happening—a move of the Spirit of God! The child within her lept at the sound of Mary’s voice and she was filled with the Spirit of God!

The Christmas Story: Mary

Mary thought of Joseph. She protested her innocence. “How can this be, since I do not know a man?”

The Christmas Story: John

Her husband has regained his ability to speak and now he won’t stop. He is telling her, again, about that day at the Temple.

The Christmas Story: Elizabeth

Six months into Elizabeth’s pregnancy, her young cousin, Mary, came for a visit. Neighbors caught a glimpse of the older woman as Mary approached the house.

The Christmas Story: Incarnation

As we begin our journey through the Christmas story we must remember that, unlike Calvary, the Incarnation is not a “once and for all” truth.