Proven Tips on How to Be Optimistic

But when I pray with a thankful attitude, “Oh God thank you for how You are at work!” then my focus is not on me and the problem but back on God!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Invite the Miracle In with Brain Tumor Thriver Kim Bohn

Episode 16 – Kim Bohn, brain tumor “thriver” and Founder & Designer of Beaded Miracles, started stringing beads as a form of occupational therapy after having brain surgery to remove a large tumor that was strangling her carotid artery and optical nerves. As Kim bravely shares her story, you’ll be inspired to invite the miracle into your situation. “He put a new song in my heart and created a ministry using beautiful beads as a reminder of His promises️.”

Stay Thankful

Stay thankful, my children; I’ve got you covered; there is still more for you to always discover.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Benefits of Gratitude

Why be grateful? Is it possible to be grateful when life is hard? Listen in as we share ten Scriptures and the benefits of gratitude to reflect on this Thanksgiving as well as my favorite things about Thanksgiving and some recipes from last year for you to try!

Facing Depression

There is no struggle on this earth that we cannot overcome through Christ.

When Everything Goes Wrong

It seems a bit counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Thanking God when things go wrong. But it struck me that my niece had it right.

Luke’s Gospel: Mercy

They drifted from garbage heap to garbage heap finding only rags to wear and scraps to eat.

The Invitation

A powerful lesson is tucked, half-hidden in these verses. It wasn’t during prayer or sermon that the glory of God fell in that place, but during worship. 

A Can Of Thanksgivings

Within the can are treasured memories to the Lord. I don’t think He minds the can being so plain. He received pleasure from the messages from the hearts of His children.

“Why are you single?”

I’m not offended anymore. But it’s something that unquestionably comes when I don’t have a picture of a boy to show them.

Finding Rest

Yet, the longer I’m gazing on Him and spending time in fellowship with Him, I feel my heart coming to a place of being satisfied with God alone.

Thanksgiving 365

As you begin this Thanksgiving holiday, make this a daily tradition. Better yet, make it a daily NEED!

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Wouldn’t it be so nice to enjoy this holiday season and not have to make your New Year’s resolution to lose the weight you gained over the holidays?

The Beast of Black Friday

Once we learn that empty pockets and full shopping carts do not equal a full heart, we will find more peace and harmony in the holiday season. It is our family, our friends, and more than that, our relationship with Jesus Christ that will truly satisfy us.

Overflowing with Gratitude

Let’s meditate for a few moments on this beautiful phrase, overflowing with gratitude. What does it mean to overflow?