ONE VOICE PODCAST: How To Tackle Discouragement

We all face discouragement in life. But how we respond to daily discouragement is important. The Bible speaks very clearly on dealing with discouragement, which is our topic of discussion today.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Choices of the Heart

Laura, of Choices of the Heart in Statesboro, GA, tells her personal story of teenage pregnancy, the struggles of adoption, and how God uses her story to show women the better choice: life. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Be Purpose Driven

Your life has purpose.  There is something you can do every day that takes steps toward that purpose! God has great plans for you and the enemy of your soul wants to thwart the plans of God over your life. 

Our Testimonies: Jessica Colwell

Worshiping God is the most precious thing to me. No matter where I am, it instantly becomes my “thin place” where I can look beyond what I see in the natural.

Our Testimonies: Donna Miller

If you don’t have someone you’re walking next to in life that is leading you towards wisdom, holiness, and godliness, then I pray that our Father would bring someone.