MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny The Life of Jesus

Episode #49 – In this 4-part Series, Angela looks at the lives of Jesus, Elijah, David, and Ruth, and shows us how we can move from desert to destiny. In today’s episode on the life of Jesus and His desert experience, we learn to recognize the ways we are tempted, resist temptation through Scripture, and realize God is propelling us to destiny.

The Struggle Is Real

He is not letting you drown. He is letting you go through a metamorphosis of your own, a process.

The Life of David Part IV: The Cave and The Exile

David, like our own life many times, did not take the most direct path to the fulfillment of God’s promises. Instead, the road was winding and looked to even be going the wrong way at points. Do you know what that is like? You know that God has called and destined you for something, but people get in the way and circumstances close in around you? Have you ever wondered if you heard the Lord correctly? What should a person do when the promises of God seem impossible or slow in coming? Let’s look to the life of David for the answer.

Can I Get Your Number[s]?

Personality tests can’t expose a transcript of our souls and a timeline for earthly wounds, but they can take a peek into our underlying motivations. They can help identify social inclinations, feelings, strengths, and weaknesses. This information, while short-handed to God’s medical records, is widely appreciated in discerning how I can be more like Christ.