What Is the Church?

This is the kind of collective action I’m talking about; something new that
happens with all of us that transcends the way God is working with any one of us.

This We Proclaim!

This letter I am holding is testimony directly from someone who witnessed these wondrous events!
Someone who endured unimaginable persecution because of his faithfulness to this very testimony!

The Highest Point

As a believer in Yeshua (Jesus), we have been given authority. The kingdom of God is within us and we are to trust in His faithfulness.

Matthew’s Gospel: Galilee

His ministry was different from that of John. He would call people to repentance as John did, but Jesus would also bring a new perspective on the Old Covenant

Mark’s Gospel: Endtimes

This was not at all what the men expected to hear. They expected Jesus to restore the spirituality of the Temple, not bring down its buildings.

Mark’s Gospel: Prayer

Order had returned to the House of God. Purpose, the true purpose, had been restored. The religious authorities saw all of this but they could not stop it.

Mark’s Gospel: Hosanna!

This donkey rider had done things none of the others had done. He seemed to have come in the name—and the power—of the Lord.

The Christmas Story: Answers

He was a good influence on their children. The rumors of His illegitimate birth were almost forgotten in the presence of His excellent nature.

The Coming Third Temple

These are amazing times we’re living in as we see Bible prophecy unfolding right before our eyes and the world stage being set up.

The Christmas Story: Bethlehem

This town whose name means “house of bread” will produce the One who is called the Bread of Life, David’s Royal Son.

The Christmas Story: Temple

He would build something called, “the Church,” that would be His resurrected Body in the world, the Habitation of God by His Spirit.

One Body

When I hit 40, I think I had an epiphany that I only get one body, and it was high time I started taking that more seriously.  I started reflecting on the fact that God made me in His image.

Can a Christian Have a Demon?

Jesus has given us all authority in order to plunder and trample over all Satan’s power. However, if we don’t recognize an attacker for what it is or even accept it as normal, we will not resist that invader. Instead, we’ll tolerate it.