Tatyana Claytor

Our Memory Makes Us

We have to go back to our hardest memories, those moments when we decided life truths and speak the Gospel to them.

Missions as Encouragement

Seeing doesn’t mean fame (which doesn’t satisfy as much as it promises) but seeing means belonging. It means community and support, not necessarily financially but emotionally.

Suitably Dressed

Instead of protecting me from my worst fear of worthlessness, God has pressed in, forcing me to face him as that vulnerable little girl who wants to please.

Because He Is Near

I realize I have a tendency to go to physical items to find God, which I don’t think is wholly bad given that physical reality is God’s handiwork. He often uses the physical as a doorway to the unseeable heart of God.

What Kind of Rescue Is This?

We know of the work done on the Cross— the war has been won! Yet why is the process of being made whole so difficult?