Multiplying God’s Gifts

The last thing our Savior wants to see when our life on this earth is over is for us to think, look, and act the same way we did when we first came to know Him.

What Is Your Creative Child?

It’s okay to begin even if we don’t have the outcome as clearly in our minds as we would like. It will be messy, scary, but most of all, exhilarating.

The Nicaraguan Carpenter

He made us deeply relational creatures. He created us to be people of the earth, intimately connected to the land we live on and the communities we live in. By staying too busy, we could be failing to live up to the potential fullness of relationships with friends or family.

Stop Burying Your Treasure

There’s something about the purity of our childhoods that gives us clarity about hidden treasure. It opens the window of the heart and lets us look inside.