A Vision of God’s Artistry

When we see Jesus as our friend, we see the purpose of glorifying God; we see the door open to the gifts given by Him, to us!

We Are At Jabbok

We can no longer go forth and overcome in the ways that we have in past seasons.

MOVING ON: All To Jesus I Surrender

Episode #36 – Jay and Jess sit down this week to discuss surrendering to God’s will for their lives in order to experience true peace. They want to share the amazing grace that has occurred once they’ve pushed through the difficult, and uncomfortable days. It’s becoming quite obvious that the “easy” does not exist anymore, and/or gets them nowhere. 

How to Recover From a “But” Problem

If God’s Word, the Holy Spirit’s influence, an inspiring sermon, or God’s moving in your life immediately evokes a “but” response, it invalidates whatever preceded it.

A Shift to Freedom

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t acknowledge He is the One who sees me through.

First Love

Will you give Me your life? Will you say it’s Mine?

A Living Testament: Faithfully Surrendering to God’s Way

Day 268 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we really want to do something for God or accomplish something in our life but we can’t seem to get it done or just keep failing. Maybe we are striving in our own strength or maybe it was not God’s will for us to do it in the first place. But when we seek to do  God’s will for our lives and honor God in all we do, others will notice. We are being a living testament of God’s grace when we don’t compromise and are faithful to God, whether or not our plans ever come to fruition.

Expectations Vs. Expectancy

Expectations lead to frustration and sin. Expectancy leads to peace and blessings. As we surrender to His sovereignty, we become less. He becomes More.

Am I a Good Mom?

Fellow mamas, we aren’t called to be our kids’ savior, but we are called to surrender them to the Savior.

Find Rest In The Awakening

Rest is not inactivity but rather it is the activity of victory, the peace that comes with the finished work and the joy that comes when desire is fulfilled.

God, Are You Sure?

When He asks us to surrender what we hold dear, it doesn’t mean our sacrifice is easy. It’s tempting to respond fearfully, “God, are you sure?”