Apostolic Grace

We will have times in our life when God sends us to our own private Gethsemane and like Jesus, we cry out, “God, could there be any other way?” I

When You’ve Given Up on God

When it feels like you’re shouldering more than your fair share of the pain, it’s natural to doubt God’s goodness or to question whether he exists at all.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Loss, Grief and Loving Again with Brittany Price Brooker

Episode #9 – Today we are talking to Brittany Price Brooker. She is a speaker, mama, wife, and singer/songwriter. She lives in the Atlanta GA area with her family and just may be a superhero. She has an incredible story and I’ve asked her to come and share her insight on how to love God in the midst of trials.

Our Cup Overflows

God has things stored up for us.  They are His covenant benefits for His faithful servants.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

As fear of the coronavirus pandemic grips the hearts and minds of many around the world some can’t help but ask “Is this the end of the world?” How should the believer respond to this issue? What does it mean prophetically and how can we use this as an opportunity to share the hope that we have in Christ?

Dang Job, That Sucks.

Episode #79 – We have someone who went between us and God, someone who brings humans and God back together, someone who took the full brunt.

Does Evil Disprove God?

For the Christian with a biblical worldview, we have a solid foundation from which we can view evil and suffering. God has set a standard of perfection.

The Christmas Story: Savior

He knew that He must suffer for the sins of the whole world. He must have no sins of His own—he must go to the slaughter innocent, the Lamb of God.

Our Testimonies: Melissa Forster

Since I have been walking in relationship with Jesus since I was seventeen, I thought I had met God as Father. Then, in 2013, we lost our first baby.

Why Does God Allow Evil to Exist?

The Bible shows us that, although evil is real and prevalent in this world, there is an all-loving, all-knowing God who gives us the free will to choose or reject Him.

A Brief History of Mary in Art

Mary is referred to directly in 10 chapters in the Gospels and ‘speaks’ only 5 times. However, she is 2nd only to Jesus in Christian art.