Bible Study 1 Corinthians 13: Part I

We open with a prayer to not just know the Word of God better, but to know God better. To know the Word is to know the Author. That, we believe, is the ultimate goal.

Mark’s Gospel: Following

He knew what was coming and though He tried to warn them, He knew there was no way they could know what was ahead for them.

Growing In Godly Wisdom

If we approach reading the Bible as informational rather than transformational, that’s all it will ever be to us—information.

Genesis 6: Part 2

Many early church fathers and notable individuals who had a lasting impact on Christianity interpreted the events of Genesis 6 in light of angels who sinned.

Study of Revelation: The 7 Spirits of God

After John writes the letters to the 7 churches, he suddenly finds himself in the throne room of heaven in the spirit. Around God’s throne are 7 lamps representing the 7 spirits of God. What are these 7 spirits and what do they represent?

Study of Genesis 6: Part 1

In this episode, learn how you can better argue for this portion of the Bible, who the sons of God are, and what really caused the flood. 

Hills and Valleys

Is it realistic for Christians to be joyful always? What happens when we despair, and how do we quickly turn around that mindset?

The Book of Joshua: Study Three

The people of God spent years in the difficult regions of the land. The desert, the rocky mountains, and hills. They did without. They went hungry. They had to rely upon God to take care of them. We run the same route.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Pergamos

The 3rd church in this study is the Church of Pergamos— the compromising church. Although they follow Jesus and hold fast to His name, they also allow others to commit a myriad of sins

Learning From Jesus

I’m in the hands of a Divine Instructor Who is fully vested in me, Whose teachings apply to every aspect of life, and Whose words are life itself.

The Book of Joshua: Study One

This is far greater than a man taking control from another and leading the people into a great destiny. Much of what happens along the way is food for you and me.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Smyrna

The passage concerning the Church of Smyrna is fairly quick but still holds a wealth of information. Although they are facing challenges and may be seen as poor in the flesh, they are “rich” – rich in Christ.

Identity Part I: The Image of God

From identity flows nature, meaning, and purpose. If we can learn who we are, then every belief and action gushes from that knowledge.

The Life of David Part III: The Giant

What do you do when a giant shows up in your life? Do you cower in line with others, fearful to face the challenge? Or do you charge forward in faith, ready to join the battle?