In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of remembering—remembering the past year as a couple, remembering the struggles, the fun and most importantly remembering God’s faithfulness through it all.

Pain Can’t Hurt Me?

There have many times since then that the Holy Spirit has reminded me of those words spoken to me. “Pain can’t hurt you.”

Study of Revelation: The 7 Spirits of God

After John writes the letters to the 7 churches, he suddenly finds himself in the throne room of heaven in the spirit. Around God’s throne are 7 lamps representing the 7 spirits of God. What are these 7 spirits and what do they represent?

The Life of David Part III: The Giant

What do you do when a giant shows up in your life? Do you cower in line with others, fearful to face the challenge? Or do you charge forward in faith, ready to join the battle?