Steve Phifer

A Craft Surrendered

Instead of being served by the marketplace, the worship leader can become the servant of the marketplace. 

The Folly of Force

When the human spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, a reenactment of Eden takes place.

Meet At His Table

Why can’t we decide to once in a while, gather in one house and demonstrate our unity for the world to see? 

Mark’s Gospel: Peter

The raucous sound of the bird and the sounds of torture a few feet away were all drowned in Peter’s hearing by the memory of the sad words of Jesus.

Mark’s Gospel: Seasons

This was no parable; this was about to happen—to them! None of them wanted to believe it, but how could they doubt the words of Jesus?

Mark’s Gospel: Colt

He would need an animal to ride to lift Himself above the throng and keep the procession from descending into chaos.

Mark’s Gospel: Bartimaeus

The road to Jericho was paved with history. Joshua and his army, carrying torches and trumpets, took this road to conquer the city.

Mark’s Gospel: Denial

Yet, this surprising transformation in men was precisely what Jesus had come to bring about. He called all the people nearer.

Mark’s Gospel: Confession

Jesus knew that beliefs privately held possessed an innate power and when those beliefs were publicly spoken, that innate power externalized.

Mark’s Gospel: Hard-hearted

They were physical and emotional and Jesus was spiritual. Beyond all the miracles, Jesus wanted to teach them higher truths and deeper concepts.

Mark’s Gospel: Signs

They people got their wish and ate their fill. Jesus sent them away, healed, delivered, informed, inspired and with their bellies full for the journey home.

Mark’s Gospel: Well-done

Jesus told them to keep this to themselves, but of course, they did not. Their astonishment would not permit silence. Their testimony is classic:

Mark’s Gospel: Hearts

He explained the truth to everyone. Wickedness is in us all. It is folly to blame it on some outside force.

Mark’s Gospel: Winds

When they helped Him into the boat, the winds calmed down to normal. In a little while, the waves followed suit.

Mark’s Gospel: Unbelief

Believing is health to our bones. Believing is safety to our lives. Believing sets the promises and power of God in motion.

Mark’s Gospel: Chains

To conform to their wishes, Jesus got back into the boat. The delivered man started to climb in the boat with Him. Who could blame him?

Mark’s Gospel: Seed

Jesus knew that some people would not hear Him at all while others would listen and quickly forget. Still, others would hear Him and start out to follow.

Mark’s Gospel: Together

Some went so far in this deception as to become hosts for demons themselves. Jesus was dismantling this demonic oppression in front of their eyes.

The Christmas Story: Jordan

The crowd fell into a fearful silence. Jesus recognized the voice of His Heavenly Father, heard so often in the Scriptures and in His heart.

The Christmas Story: Anna

Her energy began to fade as she paused to breathe. Simeon took a step toward her as with new strength she continued.

The Christmas Story: Gifts

We see how important our prayers of worship and petition are as gifts to the Lord. They are sweet to the senses of the Lord Himself.

The Christmas Story: Manger

In the silence, the Baby Jesus began to cry. His soft cries stuck the kings and shepherds like hammer blows to the heart.

The Christmas Story: Shepherds

From the brightest point a figure began to form—a man, tall and powerful—within the light but also made of light or something like it.