Seeds And Steps Secured

When it is time to proceed, God will determine our steps and we will have continual peace in our hearts, peace to proceed in His plans.  

Mark’s Gospel: Offerings

All of this secrecy works on the human level but it is useless in the spiritual realm. God sees and remembers!

Making Room for Change

It is a choice to take this on and to get rid of old thought patterns that will no longer serve us. To make room for what will move us forward.

The Christmas Story: Incarnation

As we begin our journey through the Christmas story we must remember that, unlike Calvary, the Incarnation is not a “once and for all” truth.

Guidance When We Need Direction

How sovereign the Lord is to have answered my prayer using the contents of a Bible in my journal box I hadn’t looked at in years.

Enjoy the Run

Pressure on every side; keep running. You may lose people along the way; keep running. You are almost at the finish line; keep running.

The Faith-Filled Steps of Christine Caine

Through her faith-filled actions, Christine Caine is displaying what it looks like to bring the Kingdom of God to a world of people in need of freedom, restoration, and peace.